1. 35mm shot from Finalboss Matsuri


  2. Threw together the rest of my footage from Finalboss Matsuri - enjoy!


  3. Dan Chapman’s 180SX in the Driftland sunset on Saturday evening during Finalboss Matsuri


  4. Hanging a GoPro mounted to a jack handle out of your passenger window while driving down a motorway in the rain isn’t the best idea but it was worth it for some of this footage. Dan Joyce’s Onevia on the roll


  5. I was up at Finalboss Matsuri at Driftland over the weekend and I don’t think there’s any way of describing it other than the ultimate lads weekend: three days of drifting, drink, Nandos, drifting, drink, all-you-can-eat Chinese, drifting, Big Bolly Bass and failed backflip attempts.

    I’ve got heaps of photos and video footage to go through but one of the standout cars was Hudson’s PS13, back on track having spent the last two years being rebuilt.


  6. My buddy Mo from Superstyle Garage recently made me a pair of knuckles for my S13 - his first venture into Nissan parts. I’m currently putting them through their paces to find any potential faults but so far they’ve proven to be amazing.

    I took these shots for his online store and social media prior to chucking them on the car.


  7. Girth brigade


  8. Dropped the rest of my photos of Dan’s Onevia - GLITTER SQUAD